Dolce Verde Mocktail

by Upside Drinks

Credit - Sebastian Coman Photography

Experience the tropical allure of our Dolce Verde Mocktail, featuring a refreshing blend of coconut water and cucumber juice. This invigorating combination promises a crisp and revitalizing non-alcoholic beverage, bringing a touch of paradise to your glass.


  • 50ml Martini Floreale
  • 20ml Apple Juice
  • 20ml Coconut Water
  • 20ml Cucumber Juice
  • Top up with Kombucha
  • Mint & Cucumber to garnish


Step 1 : Pack a wine glass with ice.

Step 2 : Pour 50ml of MARTINI Non-Alcoholic Floreale, 20ml of apple juice, 20ml coconut water, 10ml cucumber juice.

Step 3 : Top up with kombucha.

Step 4 : Stir gently to mix ingredients and garnish with mint & cucumber.


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