Orange You Naughty

by Upside Drinks

Savor the invigorating notes of our Orange You Naughty Mocktail, blending Monday Gin, oz fresh orange juice, fresh ginger, and Indian tonic. This non-alcoholic delight promises a zesty and effervescent experience, perfect for a refreshing escape.


  • 2oz. Monday Gin
  • 0.75oz Fresh Orange
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Indian Tonic


Step 1 : Add generous portion of freshly peeled ginger to a cocktail shaker and a touch of fresh orange juice, then muddle.

Step 2 : Add Monday Gin and orange juice

Step 3 : Shake that!

Step 4 : Strain the liquid over fresh ice in your favorite short glass.

Step 5 : Top with crisp Indian tonic and garnish with fresh greenery (optional).


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