Redefining Fun at Wedding Parties, Minus the Alcohol

by Upside Drinks
Picture this: wedding bells ringing, dance floor beckoning, and me, diving headfirst into my very first sober wedding experience. Amidst the clinks of glasses and the rise of celebratory toasts, I embarked on an adventure that taught me to relish the joy of the moment without a hint of alcohol. Buckle up, because I'm about to provide you with five tips that transformed a sober wedding into an unforgettable celebration!
5 tips to celebrate a wedding without drinking


# 1 Let Your Inner Circle Know in Advance

Gathering your crew and looping them into the plan is a must. I shared my decision to not drinking with my closest friends, who swiftly became my wingmen. They expertly caught any awkward moments and ensured my good times were front and center. These friends - the real MVPs - had my back, painting a smoother and more joy-filled experience.

# 2 Bring Your Own Bubbly 

We all associate weddings with the classic elebratory Champagne - I had to came up with a plan. I carried a few bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling wines and discretly passed them to the bartender, who quickly became an ally.  As I savored each sip,  the plan went unoticed to all.

 # 3 Carry a Glass At All Times 

As I danced and mingled, I clutched onto my glass like a secret weapon. It was my golden ticket to feeling in tune with the atmosphere. Armed with my sparkling bublly, I was all set to raise toasts, celebrate happiness, and be part of every joyous moment.

 # 4 Have Your Go-To Reason Ready 

There might come a moment when, despite your best plan, someone offers you a drink or a shot. Having a prepared response to the inevitable "Why aren't you drinking?" question can really come to the rescue, saving you both time and unnecessary stress. Whether you go with a relaxed "Just taking a little breather tonight" or the classic "Playing the role of designated driver," having a quick answer on hand can easily diffuse any awkwardness in the moment.

 # 5  Unwind and Have Fun! 

Anyone who thought that staying sober at a wedding meant being boring seriously underestimated the fun of the dance floor. I set free my inner party vibe, diving into the rhythm and busting out some moves.  Sobriety didn't just maintain my glow—it kicked it up a notch, crafting unforgettable moments with my closest friends!

Showing a handshake

My debut into the world of sober weddings was a game-changer through and through. I quickly realized that true fun is not about how high your blood alcohol content can climb, but rather about being encircled by the people who light up your world. It's the collective laughter, the contagious joy and the camaradie that transforms an event into an unforgettable day! Here's to rewriting the rules, dominating the dance floor, and savoring every moment—sober, sparkling, and sensational!


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