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    13 products
    The color of a red beer, the smell of a red beer, the taste of a red beer, without alcohol. The Placebo Rousse offers some light fruit and caramelized notes with just enough bitterness.
    Barberie - Placebo - Red
    2021: the robot named Perseverance is exploring Mars for signs of life. Isn’t that incredible? Innovating and persevering. This non-alcoholic red ale with flavours of light caramel and barley sugar proudly bears its name and perfectly reflects Bockale’s values
    Bockale - Perseverance - Amber Ale
    With a rich amber color, this Amber Ale offers notes of roasted malt, to which are added delicious caramelized notes. The perfect beer to enjoy anywhere!
    Boreal - Hors sentier - Amber Ale
    Brasseur de Montreal - Mixpack (4)
    Brasseur de Montreal - Petite Bourgogne - Red Ale
    Brewdog - Nanny State - Red Ale
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    Brewdog - Variety Pack (6 Pack)
    Grande Allée - Funambule - Red
    Amber beer with a noble character surprises with its originality. A slight bitterness gives way to a taste of spiced rum with vanilla accents that explodes in the mouth.
    Le Grimoire - La Vie de Château - Red Ale
    Shawbridge - Sans Limite - Red Ale
    Sober Carpenter - Red Ale (4 Pack)
    St-Pancrace Brewery - Leurre - Red Ale
    Ultimate Red Ale Beer Box - Variety (6 Pack)