From our customers

Your company is great! We are spoilt for choice with the amazing selection of non-alcoholic beverages you have available. Service is spectacular, your courier is outstanding! Well done!

Lesley S.

CanI just add that I love your products but one of the main reasons I order from your company is the service.  Living in an apartment condo, we have had issues with delivery but the company you use is terrific - it provides a timeframe as to when wecanexpect delivery and brings the boxes right to our door.  In addition, the speed at which you fill the orders, and the care you take in packing, is above standard.  So I thank you.

Wendy C.

I promote Upside Drinks all the time (today at my dentist!). And I do share orders with friends.

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Nicola C.

I’ve been telling everyone I know about your website/store. Comments in the Toronto Star and on a zoom coaching call with students learning to control alcohol. I love your alcohol free wines.

Marian D.

Thanks for the efficient service.

Everything arrived as ordered.

Great packaging!!!

Robert P.
British Colombia

You guys are amazing! Got my order in 48 hrs!!!

Karen T.

I am so happy that I found your website. Being a recovering alcoholic, I thought my days of enjoying drinking were gone forever. Now I'm able to enjoy so many of my favourite drinks without any negative outcomes that so often happened. And your free delivery is an added bonus. I'm proud to be a new loyal customer.


We are very excited to find out about Upside Drinks! We became alcohol free 3 yrs ago and have been looking for a broader range of alternatives. We recently found out that Tanqueray makes the alcohol free gin, but couldn’t find it in the US. We’ve tried several NA spirits that have been awful, but this is quite good as is the Sevilla. Thanks!

Florida, USA

Hi Upside, Just a note to say that today I'm celebrating my 100th day sober, and my order arrived just in time. I'll be opening a bottle of Proxies and playing board games with my wife. I appreciate your business, and your work to ensure everything gets quickly and carefully delivered where it needs to be.

Joel W.

Thank you very much - your service has been amazing! I enjoy the products you offer for mindful drinking - I no longer feel excluded.

Barbara L.
British Colombia

I really appreciate the customer service and character! Love the products and what you do. Have a great week.

Jacob R.

Un gros merci pour votre compréhension envers un nouveau client (moi) qui viens de découvrir votre site et manières de fonctionner. C’est une superbe initiative que vous avez et je vais passer le message à ma famille et amis.

Continuez sur cette belle lancée!

Merci encore

Philippe L.

My order just arrived and I wanted to say thank you. I was worried when moving back to Canada after giving up drinking in California. They had so many great options for NA drinks down there that I thought I would be stuck drinking water at the summer BBQs. Your site has opened my up to a bunch of brands not available in my local area. Excited to try out all these new options.

Adam S.
California, USA

Not to overshare, but I have been sober for 32 years. I don’t miss anything about alcohol, but do occasionally miss a glass of wine with dinner. Your company is the perfect solution! Your red wine is delicious! I also appreciate that it is low sugar/calorie. I have referred several people to Upside, and they have been very pleased with the products as well.

Bobby D.

I ordered this and it’s now “my wine”. I snuck it into a wedding so I could toast like an adult with everyone else! Hey team why don’t you try getting this wine into wedding venues everywhere??? It’s so boring to know your only choice is sida water or some super sweet mocktail !!

Frank M.

Merci à vous d'exister, vous rendez l'achat de consommations responsables pas mal plus facile que d'aller de magasin en magasin fouiller parmi les choix pas trop alléchants!

Élizabeth B.

We received our order yesterday and are beyond happy! My husband does not consume any alcohol for the past 4 years, completely dry and sober. Just by the off chance I found his gin and his corona on this site.'ve since tried a few of the mocktails and absolutely love them!

Stacy D.

Very good service and quick response and delivery to Ontario. They were first Canadian company to get Guinness 0 and they carry some good Dutch, German and other well known beers. I’m a fairly regular customer and have tried other Canadian sites. Upside surely has the biggest selection of non alcoholic beer, wine, spirits and mocktails. Thanks to all the hard work being done by the Quebec start up. There is a big hole in Canadian delivery of non-alcoholic products. I’m sober 25 years and appreciate the steps taken by the people at Merci les guys! Et les femmes! Merveilleux

Seamus R.

Service impeccable! On avait besoin de ce type de commerce, les produits sans alcool sont de plus en plus demandés. Bravo!

Suzanne B.

Thank you sooooo much! I just found your website and ordered a few drinks to try! They are delicious! I suffer from major anxiety and alcohol just heightens it. I was tired of drinking water by the pool while everyone else was enjoying a summery beverage!

Leanne D.

Many thanks for pursuing a healthier lifestyle an offering tasty non-alcoholic options !!!!!

Deena O.