Daydream - Passionfruit Paloma Hemp and Adaptogen Infused

Daydream - Passionfruit Paloma Hemp and Adaptogen Infused

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Experience a burst of tropical delight with Daydream's Passionfruit Paloma Sparkling Water. Infused with hemp oil & adaptogens, this effervescent concoction turns moments into memories. Let the exotic fusion of passionfruit transport you while our blend enhances mood, reduces stress, and brings tranquility. No added sugar or artificial ingredients – just a mindful choice for holistic well-being. Harness the potency of hemp extracts, unwind with stress-reducing Schisandra, and embrace the anti-inflammatory benefits of Moringa. Elevate your experience with Daydream's Passionfruit Paloma.

Notes: Grapefruit, Passionfruit

Ingredients: Carbonated water, ginseng root powder, schissandra berry powder, moringa leaf powder, hemp seed oil, chiber mushroom, gardia extract, spirulina extra, black carrot extract, passionfruit and grapefruit natural flavours, sunflower lecithin, citric acid

Origin: Ontario, Canada

Alcohol: 0.0%

Size: 355 ml