Monsieur Cocktail - Boreal Gin

Monsieur Cocktail - Boreal Gin

Monsieur Cocktail - Boreal Gin

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Experience the refreshing taste of our alcohol-free spirit infused with the essence of lemony juniper berry, spruce, balsam bayberry, and rosemary. When chilled, our spirit reveals a captivating aroma of peppery spruce and juniper berry. On the palate, the vibrant piney citrus of juniper takes center stage, complemented by the harmonious fusion of spruce and the woody nuances of bayberry. As you savor each sip, you'll be enchanted by the sweet finish, leaving you invigorated with notes of lemon and a cool, revitalizing sensation.

Notes: Lemon, Juniper berry, Spruce, Balsam, Bayberry, Rosemary

Ingredients: Demineralized water, glycerin, sugars, flavorings, natural extracts and distillates, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, dimethyl dicarbonate.

Origin: Quebec, Canada

Alcohol: <0.5%

Size: 700ml