Señiorial - Red Sangria

Señiorial - Red Sangria

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Satisfy your craving for a delightful sangria experience without the alcohol. Our alcohol-free sangria is expertly crafted with the finest wine grapes, complemented by the essence of lemon, pure cane sugar, and effervescent carbonated water. Created by the renowned makers of Jarritos soft drinks, this refreshing beverage captures the true spirit of sangria. Discover the perfect alcohol-free choice for those who appreciate great taste and a vibrant blend of flavors

Notes: Red wine, Lemon, Citrus

Ingredients: Purified carbonated water, sugar, natural et artificial flavors, caramel color, citric acid, sodium benzoate, Allura red, brilliant blue FCF

Origin: Mexico

Alcohol: 0.00%

Size: 330ml