Orchard Espresso Martini

by Upside Drinks


Savor the allure of our Orchard Espresso Martini Mocktail, a harmonious blend of freshly brewed espresso, orchard-fresh flavors, and a touch of elegance. Immerse yourself in this non-alcoholic indulgence, where the richness of coffee meets the crisp essence of orchard fruits for a sophisticated and invigorating experience. 


  • 2 oz. Ritual Whiskey Alternative
  • 1 oz. cold brew coffee concentrate or espresso
  • 1/2 oz. apple cider reduction
  • 2 dashes black walnut bitters


Step 1 : Brew a strong cup of espresso

Step 2 : Combine it with a splash of orchard-fresh fruit syrup.

Step 3 : Shake it over ice.

Step 4 : Strain into a chilled martini glass for a refreshing twist.


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